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Submit data

Publish your COVID-19 research data to make it available for the rest of the research community. The data should be deposited in a public repository together with descriptive metadata. For many biological datatypes, there are international databases that can be considered de facto standards.

Submitting data

The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) hosts many different international data repositories which should be used if appropriate. For further information, see their COVID-19 Data Portal data submission page.

Here are our data submission guidelines for each specific data type:

Depositing data in a public repository

By depositing data in a public repository, you accept that the data will be published and may be used and redistributed according to specific terms set by yourself or the repository in question. Data deposition is considered important and you may get credit and acknowledgement for sharing data. A publication often results in getting a unique identifier for your dataset, which is often required for a journal to accept a manuscript for publication. Data sharing is often required by funders.